I lived on the 3rd floor as the only inhabitant of an empty apartment building in Tehran. Many hours I spent looking outside of my window, watching the building which was the only thing that I could see in my view. The curtains were always closed, but sometimes I could find signs of life in the form of wet clothes that were hanging outside to dry, on the 3rd floor. I soon tried to imagine who was living there, in front of me, and what kind of person I could find there. For about six months, I was playing the role of a detective for my curiosity.

During this period, I took photographs of the clothes from my window, with my imagination of the person who lives there always changing, with every new piece of clothes I saw. I tried to recreate the personalities I constructed in my mind along the way which I then combined and contrasted with the pictures of the building.

Finally, a few days before I moved out, I saw this person for a few moments while she was hanging a piece of cloth outside.

The photo series consist of eight photographs, each 40×26.5cm